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Wine tours

A volcanic interlude in the heart of Auvergne

A region with vast protected areas, ideally suited to outdoor activities, Auvergne is a dream destination for nature lovers and hikers. Discover this magnificent, lush region with many attractions at the heart of the Massif Central. From the ancient volcanoes of the Chaîne des Puys to the la Sioule gorges, the Cantal hills and the Auvergne lakes, lovers of unspoiled landscapes will delight in the region’s natural wealth.

Visit our winery

We run guided tours of our cellar and brand new barrel-aging cellar. Each tour runs for around one hour: we retrace the history of Auvergne vineyards, outline winemaking techniques and show you our equipment. The tour ends with a wine tasting. Tours run from Tuesday to Friday at 10.30 and 17.00, subject to group bookings.

A unique volcanic terroir

Our volcanic belt, the Chaîne des Puys, is listed a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Our vineyards extend along the foothills for around 80 kilometres between Riom in the north and Saint-Germain-Lembron, south of Issoire. You can also find vineyards at the base of the Limagne Plain, on the other side of the Allier River and along the slopes of Monts du Forez on the opposite side of the valley.

During your walks through wine producing villages, you will almost certainly come across Saint Verny, the patron saint of Auvergne vineyards, who has been worshipped here since the XVII century. Various murals and particularly church statues provide evidence of this distinctive local feature.