Wine Growers

Our partner winegrowers play an essential role in the production of our wines. Our team of oenologists work in close collaboration with each of these throughout the year, in order to ensure that grapes are of the highest possible quality.

Quality as a prime concern

Oenologists and wine technicians work at the vineyards and know the plots by heart. They offer each winegrower support, advice and help in order to ensure the highest possible harvest quality. Winegrowers are also paid according to the quality of grapes, terroir and the wine for which the grape was selected.

This means that all our winegrowers are engaged in producing the highest quality grape possible by managing their yield. This leads to improved alignment between variety/soil, managing the number of clusters per vine, a decrease in yield by size, debudding and pruning, an increase in trellises and sensible vine protection measures.

Wine growing techniques on a human scale

Specifications lists mean we are able to clearly set out the work tenets and details for each winegrower. Clear targets are easier to meet. The specifications lists set the yield per grape variety and production guidelines based on four criteria: quality of berries, optimum ripeness for harvesting, the health of grapes at the time they are harvested, and the quality of harvesting (manual harvesting).

We work according to the principles of sustainable agriculture, which means that we maintain our vines as well as possible by limiting inputs and respecting each plot’s natural cycle. We are currently working towards achieving HVE environmental certification (High Environmental Value) so our agricultural work operates under a clear and specific framework. Respecting the environment is a priority.