Volcanic Terroir

The Auvergne volcanic chain is listed a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the largest volcanic chain in Europe. Our winery is one of very few volcanic wineries in the world. The vineyards extend around 80 kilometres along the base of the chaîne des Puys and enjoy ideal sun exposure on the best south and southeast slopes, which are generally dry and well drained.

When the Limagne basin was created 20 million years ago, the Allier River filled the bottom of the valley with alluvium that, mixed with volcanic ash, lava and basalt deposits, creates a unique terroir with a high level of minerality. The presence of pepperites attests to the singular value of this terroir. Our Auvergne wines are unique, and have superb minerality and crispness that reflect their volcanic origins. Ash, lava and basalt deposits form the foundation of our terroir.

Located on the 45th parallel, which separates the northern and southern vineyards, the Côtes d’Auvergne winegrowing region spans the various sunny slopes that overhang the Limagne Plain. It consists of 600 hectares situés sur 53 communes with 400 hectares of AOC Côtes d’Auvergne and 250 hectares of IGP Puy-de-Dôme.