Domaine Pierre Goigoux

The Croix d’Arpin vineyardis part of the Pierre Goigoux estate. Wine growing has continued to develop since its establishment in 1989. It has gone from three rented hectares of vines and the purchase of a tank, to being firmly anchored in the Châteaugay hillsides with 30 hectares of vines growing in brown clay-limestone soil that is mixed with pepperite (basalt volcanic granules).

Located north of Clermont-Ferrand, it enjoys a semi-continental climate, a sheltered position and very low rainfall (less than 600 mm/year). The impact of the “Foehn” increases sunlight in both summer and winter, allowing the grapes to acquire excellent maturity.

The Domain essentially produces « Châteaugay » and « Chanturgue »grapes. Pierre Goigoux undertook a massive restructuring of his domain by rehabilitating the slopes and creating a new winery, and has worked in partnership with Pierre Desprat since 2015. The domain currently operates under the label Terra Vitis; this is an ecological certification based on the three main pillars of sustainable development: the environment, people and the economy. Pierre Goigoux is passionate about his vines and his terroir. This is why he works hard, every day, to maintain or re-establish the biodiversity and natural balance of his plots. He has, for example, reintroduced titmice to combat grape worm and installed beehives near vines to improve pollination; sheep do the weeding. You can try his first “natural” wine, ZigZag, a 100% volcanic Gamay Volcanique with no added sulphites!

Following on from this he intends to convert to organic growing. The process will be carried out during 2020 and should apply to his label in 2022..

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