COUDERC distillery

« The nature of craftsmanship is that everything is about the product. The crates, semi-automatic labelling, the waxing workstation for the stoppers: we have adapted the tools to suit our production processes »So our assembling tank was designed in order to reproduce a brewing method that was previously carried out using elbow grease.

In a nutshell : « Blending tradition and innovation to create quality, fine and original products ».

Original products since 1908 when Louis COUDERC established the “ Distillerie du Centre” and launched “real” gentian. Following his death in 1924, his widow Marie and his sons created a range of Auvergne fruit crèmes and liqueurs. The distillery developed the first chestnut liqueur in 1989, which has sold as far away as Japan. Since 2003, under the direction of Jean-Jacques Vermeersch, the journey has continued « by adapting to new market realities: reduced alcohol consumption and a focus on taste. »

Les produits
The secret is to take your time: allowing fine alcohols time during maceration, capturing the flavour of flowers or fruit.” It is then time for “assembly” when the product is stabilised before it is “extracted” either into an aging barrel or a bottle, which is always chosen with care, from miniatures to 3 litre Jeroboams.

Another strength of the distillery is our wide range of products, which regularly wins awards in international competitions. The quality of what we produce is the result of age-old expertise: original recipes, unique and secret production processes, and the rigorous selection of raw materials.

The specialities
Anchored in the Cantal terroir, regional aperitifs made using gentian create liqueurs with a subtle arom a of vervain, or fruit crèmes. But our signature product is still the COUDERC gentian, harvested from the Auvergne mountains: its slow maceration results in a golden-coloured aperitif loved for its bitter, fresh taste.

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